UK Immigration & Nationality Law FAQs
Ask Advice on UK Immigration & Nationality Advice:-

  • What is UK Immigration Law and how is it different from Nationality Law?
  • Must you pay the Health Surcharge Insurance Charge?
  • Has the law changed and how will it affect your application?
  • Do you have enough time to submit your application?
  • What are the implications of submitting an application out if time?
  • Ask us to representation at the Home Office?

Administrative Review:-

  • What is Administrative Review?
  • Who can apply for the process?
  • Can you apply for this from the UK?
  • What happens when you are refused administrative review?
  • Asking us to represent you at the Home Office to carry out the administrative review process?

British Citizenship:-

  • Understanding which application is right for you?
  • What is the difference between British Citizenship and Applying for a British Passport?
  • Can you apply for this from within the UK?
  • Can you apply for this if you have criminal convictions?
  • Do you need to pass the Living in the UK Test and the English Language test?
  • Can a EEA National apply for British Passport?
  • Can you loss British Citizenship?
  • Asking us to represent you at the Home Office to carry out the process?

Business Sponsor Visas:-

  • What types of sponsorships can UK Businesses Offer ?
  • What is  a Business Visa and how can you qualify for it?
  • Do you need to provide investment/money to apply?
  • Can you switch to this visa from the UK?
  • How we can help you during this process?

EEA Applications:-

  • What type of application should you make?
  • Do you include all my family members in the application?
  • Will you be allowed to apply for welfare benefits and housing?
  • Can you be refused a residence permit?
  • What types of EEA permits can you apply for?
  • I have been told I do not need a residence permit?
  • Can your non EEA Family member be refused permission to live and work the UK?
  • How long it take to obtain a decision to my application?
  • Can the application be submitted in the UK?
  • Asking us to represent you at the Home Office to carry out the process?

Family Members Applications:-

  • There are different types of applications depending on who the family member is?
  • Must the sponsor be a British Citizen sponsor a family member?
  • Can a family member be refused a visa or be removed from the UK?
  • How long does it take the Home Office is give a decision

Judicial Review Pre Action Stage Applications:-

  • What are the requirements for Judicial Review requirements?
  • What is  a Pre Action Stage Service?
  • How can we help you – only at Pre Action Stage?
  • What happens if the Home Office refused the Pre Actions Stage request?

Spouse & Civil Partnerships, Marriage visits:-

  • Do you have the right to apply for a spouse visa?
    What is a spouse visa?
    What is the difference between Marriage Visit Visa?
    What is a same sex visa or a civil partner visa UK?
    Can you switch to this visa from the UK?
    Must your UK Spouse prove his or her income level?
    What if the UK Sponsor is on Benefits?
    What does adequate maintenance mean?
    Asking us to represent you at the Home Office to carry out the process?

Sponsor Licence Applications:-

  • Why does a UK Employer require the Sponsor Licence?
    How to apply for a Sponsor Licence?
    Can the Sponsor Licence be refused?
  • Why are Employers Fined by the Home Office?
    Fast Track Sponsor Licence services?
  • Asking us to represent you at the Home Office to carry out the process?

Tier 1:-

  • Can I apply for a Tier 1 Visa?
    Tier 1 Extension Applications?
    Tier 1 visa refused?
    Can my family join me on a Tier 1 visa?

Tier 2 General Visa :-

  • Tier 2 General Application and Eligibility?
  • Can I switch to Tier 2 General Application from the UK?
  • Tier 2 General Sponsor Guidance Notes are helpful?
  • Does a Tier 2 General Application require a Certificate of Sponsor?
  • How do I obtain a Certificate of Sponsor?

Tier 5 General Visa:-

  • Tier 5 General visa Application and Eligibility?
  • Entertainment & Sports permits to work in the UK?
  • Entertainment permits to perform in the UK?
  • How do I get a Certificate of sponsor as Entertainer or Sports person?

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