EEA Nationals – EU children may have to apply to stay in UK after Brexit – leaked report

Theresa May  has put a plan in place which will hopefully protect the rights of EEA Nationals and their family members…

“No families will be split up. Family dependents who join a qualifying EU citizen here before the UK’s exit will be able to apply for settled status after five years,” the prime minister said. “After the UK has left the European Union, EU citizens with settled status will be able to bring family members from overseas on the same terms as British nationals.”

There are many Family dependants that have currently been refused residence permit or permanent status, despite ongoing signals from the government that Family Dependants right will be protected.

There are growing concerns that EEA Children, may have to register May, however, said the package on EU citizens’ rights would offer certainty for the 3 million EU nationals residing in the UK and those who qualified for settled status would be “treated the same as if they were UK citizens for health care, benefits and pensions”.

We will see a huge number of EEA Nationals very disappointed with groundless promises….

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