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In order for migrants to work in the UK they need a working visa. However, if business owners wish to they may sponsor a migrant in order to employ them directly. In this case the business owner will need to obtain a sponsor licence, which proves that the migrant has a genuine job to come to in the UK.

By sponsoring a non UK worker the business owner assumes certain responsibilities, including ensuring that the migrant remains in employment for the duration of their sponsorship. The business owner also pledges to comply with record keeping, reporting duties and relevant compliance issues, as well as co-operating with any requests from the Home Office.

Sponsor licences are valid for four years, after which time they will need to be renewed in order for the migrant to remain in the UK. If you have sponsored a non UK worker into the country you will be sent a reminder notice by the UK Home Office prior to renewal.

When you first apply for a sponsor licence you will be given an A or B rating. If you have a B rating (meaning that you pose a risk of recruiting illegal migrants into the UK), you will be issued an action plan to help you achieve an A rating.

We, have many years of experience in advising and guiding employers on how to apply for the licence and how to prepare for a Home Office Compliance Audit.

Over the years we have acted for the following industries:-


Advertising/Public Relations;


Gas & Oil;

Manufacturing, Misc;

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing;

To find out more about what a sponsor licence costs and how to ensure that you receive an A rating, please contact us for a free consultation.

Shabana does offer free initial telephone consultation and is able to offer her expertise in this area of law.


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